IdleCrime - Closed Beta Coming Soon

What is Idle Crime?

Idle Crime is a tick-based Organized Crime themed online roleplaying game. You play as a toughened criminal starting out your new organization.

What Makes Idle Crime unique?

The game has been built from the ground-up to be a proper role-playing game. Every character has a unique blend of stats, and to navigate the underworld of organized crime, you'll need to be a good judge of character. Step on the wrong toes, and you'll be "sleepin' with the fishes" as they say!

The game is a blend of Management Simulation, and Mafia-style power grab. You'll need to size up your rivals, pick which to befriend, and which to betray. Oh, and you've gotta be good at spotting rats! If you don't find informants, they can cause you real trouble.

What's the gameplay like?

You begin by building your main character. Explore your origin story which defines your character traits and temperament. Once you have your main character, it's time to start making money. For the first few levels, you'll need money to grow your reputation and allow you to recruit other characters into your crew. If you're broke in the underworld, you may as well be dead.

Gameplay is semi-idle. You set your guys on their jobs and give them instructions. They'll come to you with their spoils, and their problems. Your task is to keep these hardened thugs in line, temper their excesses, and exploit their unique skills. You're the one calling the shots, so if someone starts gunning for you, you messed up!

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